About us

There’s never been an easier time to publish – but if you’re not confident with the technology it can be frustrating and time consuming.

That’s where Gallo Romano Media can help. We have many digital, print and audio books under our belt already and have been through the process many times.

We’re happy to lend a hand to help you through the maze of self-publishing, to whatever extent you require.

SAles channelsMaybe you need help with creating your book for submission to Amazon Kindle, or you need proof reading or final formatting for your paperback? Perhaps you’d like to create an audio edition of your work?

As an already established author, maybe you just want some advice about getting your Amazon sales pages optimised or help with setting up your author platform?

We’re also equally happy to take on the whole of your project – transforming your manuscript into an edited and formatted ebook, paperback, hardback and audio book complete with custom covers to match the current style for your genre.

Of course, the job doesn’t end when a finished book lands on your doormat or appears on your e-reader.  Quite honestly, this is the easiest part of the job! Much more complex is the selling and marketing of your publication. Visibility is the biggest problem, or rather lack of it, for Indie Authors, with so many ebooks published each year. In the 2020s, even authors with the famous big-name publishers are expected to promote their books heavily and engage online and with the public.

To get the best chance of success, you’ll need a strong online presence. We can help you set up your ‘Author Platform’ – creating a website and a blog, introducing you to social media and creating identities for you and your books.  We can help you open accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Goodreads if you are unsure. We can even create short video trailers on Youtube to help launch your book… then it’s over to you!

Our assistance can be as deep or as simple as you require.

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