Keep the children quiet with a #FREE kids #book

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The third book in Emma Calin’s Amazon bestselling series the ‘Once Upon a NOW’ collection of children’s modern fairy stories is currently on special offer until the 2nd July. ‘Kool Kid Kruncha and The High Trapeze’ is totally FREE – Grab it for the kids and a little bit of peace during the summer holidays!
These books are aimed at intermediate readers and have been designed to encourage independent reading for children aged 6-10 years. They are classified as ‘Chapter Books’ – the stories are divided into manageable chunks to help build a sense of achievement. Whilst not picture books as such, there are illustrations sprinkled through the story.
As a 21st century feature that makes the most of the smart technologies that kids now use to read their e-books, there are links to related supporting material – for example videos and photos.  These can be accessed via live URLs in the text or by QR codes – where you scan the digital patterned square from a smart phone app.  There’s an example of a QR code below. We use an app called Red Laser to provide a scanning function and to connect my phone to the page on the QR code points to.
This code takes you to Emma Calin’s ‘Once Upon a Now’ series on Amazon.
We’ve found it particularly popular with boys – which we’re really proud of as there are often problems keeping their interest and anything that encourages a reading habit has got to be good.
Why not download the book and see how it works in practice?